Technology helps to improve custom clearance

e lock system

Improvement and new inventions in the technology helps the people all around the world. It is not only in particular sector but cutting across the industries. Some of the technologies have helped the change in how certain government industries and departments work. For example, iot system hong kong helped the customs department to increase the clearance efficiency. With the help of this technology, most of the customs clearances are made easy and quicker.

e lock system

Single e lock system

Single E lock system which is the process which controls and authorizes the clearance is made up of multiple control processes to ensure secured operation across the country. This technology has won many awards in the international technical summits. Supply chain management and logistics is the heart of any industry. Logistic hong kong has undergone lot of transformations with the new inventions in the technology. With the Iot system, it has helped faster clearance which results in movement of the goods done in fast mode ensuring the material reaches the destination on time without any unnecessary delay in the clearance.

They have established a center for research and development in the logistics field. The center is hosted by three top universities in Hong Kong. The vision of the center is to be the center of the excellence in the logistics, supply chain management and e commerce related industries. Their mission is to collaborate with industries and communities to adopt innovation and technology to make positive impact in Hong Kong.