Spirituality information – Love offers you much better than fear

There are two different concepts about god. Concept one states that we are separate from god as well as we need to adhere to god’s rules since he is evaluating us all the time. Theory two says that we are one with god and there are no guidelines for god to evaluate us by due to the fact that we one with god and also consequently there is absolutely nothing to court.

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What we have actually purchased right into, both independently and also as a globe culture, is that god likes us, however only if we follow his regulations and rules. If we do not follow his rules as well as commandments, then god has the right as well as the capability to precise his retribution on us by not allowing us enter heaven.

This takes conditional love to the extreme. By getting right into theory we have established an idea system that is fear-based. This is powerful things because we are speaking about the whole standard of our thought system. When you originate from this fear-based viewpoint, which comes from a frightened as well as vengeful god, you are going to see habits that mimic as well as mimic the core values of this belief system.

Concepts like ‘selection’ and ‘to the victor go the spoils’, ‘winning is whatever’, as well as ‘he that has the most playthings wins’, are all originated from this fear-based sponsoring soulmate signs eyes.

One of the cruelest spin-offs from this kind of reasoning is that considering that god’s love is conditional, then the experience we have of love is conditional. That is what our parents educated us. We were compensated for good grades and also accosted for negative qualities. We were told to be seen and also not listened to. We were informed that we were being ridiculous as well as childlike when we earned tales of our greatest imaginings and also future ventures.

We have actually seen and felt their conditional love throughout our lives, and have actually hence acquired this capability ourselves. As another fear-based thought informs us, if you cannot beat ‘me, join ‘me. Conformity is a quality of the sleepwalker.

We cannot remember what genuine love resembles. It does not normally appear in the daily globe we stay in. Even though our spiritual leaders announce that god uses the tool of genuine love, when we try to picture that idea we are blinded by the fog of the fear-based reality we reside in.

We see that our parent’s love was conditional and conclude that god’s love is conditional as well. Like our moms and dads, he judges us as well as incentives or punishes us according to how he is feeling. Our team believes these are god’s regulations because we were brought up within the paradigm of splitting up.